Santa Margherita 2018

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This dry white wine is pale straw-yellow in color. The clean, intense aroma and dry flavor with pleasant golden apple aftertaste make Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio a wine of great character and versatility.


100% Pinot GrigioFounded in 1935 by Gaetano Marzotto, Santa Margherita was named after Gaetano’s much loved wife, Margherita. Making Prosecco as long ago as 1952, Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio gained its iconic status after 1961, when it was among the first Italian Pinot Grigio vinified as a monovarietal and off the copper-colored skins thereby enhancing the freshness of the fruit and bringing out the wine’s enormous versatility. The illustration on the label is of the historical Marzotto home (that was subsequently donated to the town), Villa Marzotto, which stands in the town of Portogruaro, about an hour outside of Venice. Vinifying Pinot Grigio off its skins makes the wine more transparent to the land it was grown on and Santa Margherita’s oenologists have been keenly focused on the Adige River Valley (including Alto Adige and Valadige) for the vineyards that stand out for their appeal on the palate. Hand-harvested to maintain the integrity of the fruit, the grapes are fed into the press that is flushed with inert gas (to push out oxygen which would damage the delicate aromas of the Pinot Grigio). From there, the wine is made as simple as possible: fermented at cool temperatures in stainless steel tanks to preserve the fresh aromas and flavors. After resting briefly several weeks on the lees in a mix of stainless steel and cement tanks, the wine is then bottled in our new state-of-the-art bottling facility (built-in 2017) and finished with Diam corks (to ensure consistency from bottle to bottle). The wine is dry with intense aromas and appealing flavors of Golden Delicious apples and citrus with a long, multi-layered finish. Excellent as an aperitif and with a medium body that makes it versatile to pair with everything from salads to chicken or grilled fish. Wonderful pairing ideas include butter lettuce with apples, walnuts, and pomegranate seeds, pizza topped with prosciutto and arugula, scallops with tarragon cream, or tagliatelle with Italian olive oil, lemon zest, and pine nuts.

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